HoRP#5: Audrey

Audrey and Her Doll Twinkle That’s ‘Not a Real Baby’


“I want to be a teacher because the teacher teaches all the students to count numbers, shapes, and body parts.”


Meet Audrey, a 5-year-old smart, bubbly girl who likes to play with her doll that goes by the name of Twinkle. Like a kid in a candy shop, Audrey animatedly answered all our questions, particularly about what she wants to be when she grows up.

She loves to play and is currently enrolled in a day care center. When we asked her about the age of her “baby,” Audrey said:

“It’s just a toy, it’s not a real baby.”

Talking with this smart kid was fun, especially when we asked her to pose for a picture. She even mimicked the look of Twinkle in these photos:

When we finally said goodbye, Audrey surprised us one last time as she uttered these words:

“But where is your bahay?”

Words by Airen Petalbert

Photos by Trixie Bautista


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