HoRP#10: Mameda

mameda_2A sister to her three siblings, this 9-year-old girl already shares the burden of life by working with her parents who are vendors in Luneta. Though at a young age she has been exposed to the responsibilities of a typical adult, there is still that little kid inside her that is playful and eager to learn.


Mameda Maulana caught our attention when she offered something to tourists in Rizal Park. When we asked her what she was selling, she said, “chicharon.” It was actually kropek, a Filipino snack with a rectangular shape. She was holding a few packs in her left hand and a bottle of vinegar on the other.


When we asked what her name is, she was aware of its uniqueness and said:

“Ako na po magsusulat.”

The grade two student from Baseco, Manila excitedly grabbed the pen and notebook and wrote her name. When we asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, she excitedly answered:

“Pulis! Para huhulihin ko yung mga magnanakaw at mga nagra-rugby.”

Words by John Mervin Borja

Photos by Jonnel Almestas


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