HoRP#9: Darrel James

(c) John Mervin Borja

Most six-year-olds today can be seen flicking through the screen of their own iPad or cellphone, but this child is a game-changer. When we asked him about what he likes to do at home, his response will melt even the coldest heart:

“Tinutulungan ko si Mama, nagwawalis ako.”


(c) John Mervin Borja

Darrel James Vidal is the firstborn of Liza, a domestic helper from Dipolog. She brought her sons along with her friends to Luneta for a quick stroll before they go on a one-month vacation in the province. We asked Liza if she’s planning to take her sons to Dipolog and little Darrel can’t help but butt in:

“Iiwan ako ni mama eh. Iiwan ako ni mama sa probinsya.”

Darrel is currently enrolled as a grade 1 student and dreams of being a soldier when he grows up.

Words by Airen Petalbert

Photos by John Mervin Borja


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