HoRP#11: Maribel

(c) John Mervin Borja

A vendor in Luneta during weekends, a puto-kutsinta vendor at home during weekdays, and a full-time mother seven days a week.


Maribel Gabion, a 30-year-old mother from Delpan, Manila, is a vendor  of pizza, lugaw, bottled water, coconut juice, and everything you want to drink when you feel dry after strolling in Rizal Park.

(c) John Mervin Borja

When asked if she can share her story with us, the business-minded mother said:

“Sige, pero dapat bibili kayo.”

It has been two years since her husband died. Raising four children may be difficult for a single parent like her, yet, she is able to stand tall with her own two feet. Despite her situation, she has parents who financially support her and aunt who helped her find a job.

“Pag ganitong oras busy pa, dapat maaga kayo.”

Sunday afternoon. Families, couples, and groups of friends are crowding up in Rizal Park. Though it was a busy hour for her, she still greeted us with her sweet smile and shared her story.

Words and Photos by John Mervin Borja


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