HoRP#17: Nash

(c) John Mervin Borja

Doing what you love most and sharing it with others are what drives Kevin Nash Sandoval to be a self-defense instructor in Luneta. This 37-year-old guy from Batangas teaches different kinds of martial arts, which he offers to anyone who is interested and willing to learn.


 “Nagtuturo ako ng arnis and other self defense like laray or also known as the Filipino dirty boxing, silat, aikido, jiu jitsu. Pero ang foundation ko talaga is arnis.”

Nash started with the basics of arnis and shadow boxing. He polished his skills and techniques under the tutelage of a Martial Arts Master whom he also met in Luneta. The Master offered him a free lecture in arnis. From simply hitting and swinging the arnis sticks, he learned different arnis styles like realismo, combatant arnis, and doce pares. He even acquired new skills like counters and locks.

Inspired and determined, he decided to share what he learned with others who might need it.

(c) Jonnel Almestas

“‘Pag nakikita ako na nagpapraktis at may nagtanong.  For his case [his student] isa na siyang friend before na dito ko rin lang nakilala. Nagtanong lang siya sa ‘kin kung magkano ‘yung singil ko per session. I don’t charge, pwede kita i-charge per month pero depende kung ilang days a week. Since once a week lang siya, 100php per session. Walang oras, until mamaster mo ‘yung tinuturo ko.”

It has been a year since he started doing this for a living. For Nash, a job is not about where you work or how much you earn; it is about doing what he loves most in a morally upright manner.

“Kasi kung ang gagawin natin ay pagnanakaw or panghohold-up, hindi na yata tama ‘pag ganun. Mas maganda if we will look for our own earnings in a legal way.”

If you happen to be interested, you can visit his Facebook page for more information. You may also find him around the Lapu-Lapu monument, where he stays 24/7.

Words by John Mervin Borja

Photos by Jonnel Almestas and John Mervin Borja


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