HoRP#21: Jessica

(c) John Mervin Borja

Students along Manila area sometimes kill long breaks in Rizal Park. One of them is Jessica Cantonos, a third-year Asian Studies Major in Japanese student.


She was sitting alone on a concrete seat when we approached her. We later discovered that she was with a friend who chose to stay under a tree shade.

According to her, a Japanese major does not only teach the language, but also the history of the foreign country. Jessica recounts how she ended up taking the course.

“Yun na po, kasi noong una nagpunta sila ng high school. Tapos nag offer sila ng course nila. Tapos nabanggit nila ‘yun (Asian Studies Major in Japanese). Kaya ayun na agad ‘yung gusto ko.”

(c) John Mervin Borja

Different career paths can be pursued after college, but she has her eyes on being an English teacher in Japan. To achieve that, she has to pass proficiency exams. Now, she can understand conversations in Japanese while still learning to construct her own sentences.

After a few minutes of speaking with her, we left her at peace by saying “sayonara.”

Words by Trixie Bautista

Photos by John Mervin Borja


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  1. You’re making a great version of Humans of New York. Keep it up! And more of Street PHotography. Try joining Litratista sa Daan..

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