HoRP#22: Princess Eureka

(c) John Mervin Borja

Princess Eureka, a six-year-old girl, is now in first grade. Among a lot of friends she made in school, Jasmine stood out from the crowd as they share the same interest in drawing pictures.


“Hindi kami naglalaro eh. Nagdodrawing lang. “

Meeting this cute little kid was truly unexpected. She approached the group while we’re speaking with her grandmother, Winnie, and her cousin, Alexa.

(c) John Mervin Borja

Of course, we were excited to talk to the kids, who kept on playing in the background when their lola was trying to speak.

Princess’ drawings are mostly human figures. In fact, Alexa has already been her subject before. When we asked her if her sketch looked like Alexa, Princess sheepishly shook her head.

(c) John Mervin Borja

The two girls seemed to be having fun, running around the grassy grounds of the park. We wondered if the two of them ever fight, but their lola said:

“Lagi pero ‘di na pinapatulan ni Princess.”

(c) John Mervin Borja

Although she is quite a doodler, Princess dreams of being a doctor someday.

“Doctor para makagamot.”

Moments after the interview, we saw them tirelessly playing around the Lapu-Lapu monument.

Words by Trixie Bautista

Photos by John Mervin Borja


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