HoRP#24: Ryner

Juggler_3 - Jonnel
(c) Jonnel Almestas

While some of us have a hard time trying to squeeze our interests into our everyday hustle, this guy devotedly did it the other way around. Ryner Canido, 25, is a hobbyist and performer of juggling and other circus arts.


Ryner dreams of turning this passion into a career. How so? He plans on steering away from conventional tricks.

“Goal ko is maghanap ng something unique, na wala pang gumagawa. Ganon tayo sisikat sa art, dapat iba ka.”

Ryner discovered this art while watching a show called “Sunday’s Best.” He was 20 when he first fell into the intriguing world of circus arts. His transition started from magic tricks to cardistry up to juggling, a phase that is common among circus arts performers.

Juggler_7 - Monica
(c) Rashel Monica Pintado

From then on, he kept practicing diligently. Along with Ars, a fellow contact juggler whom he is good friends with, they made Luneta Park their training ground. So far, he is able to balance six rings, a feat that he proudly showed us.

Juggler_6 - Monica
(c) Rashel Monica Pintado

With a seemingly effortless stance, Ryner was able to balance six stacked rings. True enough, the years of practice were all worth it. It was apparent in his moves.

“Ito na ang comfort zone ko.”

Apart from performing and practicing, Ryner also imparts the art to those who are willing to learn it.

Juggler_8 - Monica
(c) Rashel Monica Pintado

“Minsan kapag may lumalapit, ginaganahan akong turuan. Titingnan ko kung gusto talagang matuto. Kapag nakita ko na medyo ‘di gusto, tinitigilan ko na.”

One of his goals for himself is to compete with fellow performers.

(c) Jonnel Almestas

“Gusto kong sumali sa WJF, kaso halimaw ang mga jugglers doon kumpara sa akin.”

As for now, Ryner continues to perfect and improve his art in hopes of making it his profession. Together with other circus arts performers, they strive to improve themselves both for personal goals and the art itself.

Words by Rashel Monica Pintado

Photos by Rashel Monica Pintado and Jonnel Almestas

ERRATUM: Original post was amended to correct the following info: age and personal juggling record of Ryner Canido.

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