HoRP#25: Winnie

(c) Trixie Bautista

Winnie Lampa, a 59-year-old lola from Caloocan, was watching over her two granddaughters when we approached her. While her apos ran and played around, she recounted the events on that unforgettable day.

“Marami kaming nakita sa Ocean Park, may mga isda pa na kumain sa paa namin.”

Lola Winnie couldn’t help but giggle when she told us it was the first time they visited the Ocean Park.

(c) Trixie Bautista

“Alas tres na kami natapos sa Ocean Park kaya dito na kami namasyal. Naghabulan kami ng mga apo ko sa initan.”

Among those priceless moments, the time she spent with her granddaughters was what she cherished the most.

(c) John Mervin Borja

“‘Yung anak ko ang bumili ng tickets, promo noong December. Last day na lang ngayon kaso hindi sya makapunta kasi may pasok. Magbabarkada silang lima na puro busy kaya sabi nya, “Mama gamitin mo na lang ‘to, last day na.”

She was thankful to her son, who gave her the tickets, not only for treating them to a visit in the theme park but also for the memories she had—memories that she will treasure as a grandmother.

To Lola Winnie, happy mother’s day!

Words by John Mervin Borja

Photos by John Mervin Borja and Trixie Bautista


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