Our Mission

To inspire people with life-changing interview stories that represent the daily struggles of the homeless, travel stories of tourists, and life narratives of our fellow countrymen.


What the Project Is About

This blog features slice-of-life stories and portraits of people in Rizal Park (Luneta), collected and curated by a group of college friends based in Manila, Philippines. The idea was borrowed from Humans of New York, where a photographer interviews random passersby on the busy streets of the city, takes their portrait, and posts them on social media.

As graduates of Mass Communication, the members of the group treat this blog as their online portfolio where they showcase their skills in writing, photography, journalism, and digital marketing, among others.

Why Rizal Park

Born and raised in Manila, the founders graduated from a university in Intramuros and Rizal Park was one of their favorite hangout places during college. With its countless historical spots that tourists visit, Luneta Park is always packed with people, Filipinos and foreigners alike, which makes it easier for us to spot individuals with interesting and unheard stories to share.

How It All Began

A girl who writes for a living bought a laptop for her freelance writing gigs. Realizing that she had more free time than expected, she thought of a project that she and her bored college friends would enjoy.

On one rainy day in the middle of December 2016, Humans of Rizal Park was born. Today, we continue to collect inspiring stories from people who are either residing in, taking a stroll in, or simply passing by the historical grounds of Luneta, the national park of the Philippines.


The People Behind the Curtain

Meet the Petiks Gang15873282_10206890277130094_2685454605079081212_n

For the past six years, our group thrived on the very thing that ignited our friendship: teamwork. From letting the other copy his or her homework before the professor entered the room to putting up a fund for the medical expenses of one’s father, we worked hand in hand to help one another.

Today, we decided to work together once again for a cause.

The Members

10409236_10203471490502565_4786448772124027053_n-2Airen, Founder

Airen is a full-time copywriter, an editor, and a blogger. When not working, she writes for HoRP or her personal blog.

Trixie, Co-Founderp179

Trixie is having a hard time talking about herself, but is willing to be judged through her  works.

16839739_1744142162278515_896751136_nRashel Monica, Editor

Rashel is a picture of contrasts. She loves to write, but believes the latter does not love her back. Still, she tries to pursue this passion (along with composing songs), hopeful that one day, it, too, would reciprocate the feeling. So she writes in here and also writes for her blog, out of desk. As timeless as this saying goes “try and try until you succeed,” so will her drive to ink the world with her words.

John Mervin, Contributor16923457_1316621155039623_975916299_n

Mervin believes in the coexistence of dreams and realities. He can be a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village or even the fastest man alive. Or he can just be some random guy passing by.

Jonnel, Contributor

The eagerness to enhance his writing skills is what drives Jonnel to write. He does not consider himself a writer for he believes that it takes passion to be a good one. He has high hopes that writing for his own blog and collaborating with his college friends for HoRP will serve as an instrument to awaken his dormant passion in writing.


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