HoRP#27: Erin

This Valentine’s Day, we at HoRP believe in celebrating love in all forms. A year ago, we were lucky to have met a woman who shared a story of how she found another love through the love of her life.

HoRP#26: Maxima

For Maxima Anario, a 64-year-old proud lola from Nasugbu, Batangas, there’s no greater love than a grandmother’s love. When we asked her about her first grandson, Nanay Maxima could not help but shed tears of joy as she shared her story.

HoRP#25: Winnie

Winnie Lampa, a 59-year-old lola from Caloocan, was watching over her two little granddaughters when we approached her. While her apos ran and played around, she recounted the events on that unforgettable day.

HoRP#24: Ryner

While some of us have a hard time trying to squeeze in our interests with our everyday hustle, this guy devotedly did it the other way around. Ryner Canido, 22, is a hobbyist and performer of juggling and other circus arts.

HoRP#23: Mary Grace

After almost a lifetime of fighting for her dream degree, she was ready to give up. Then life took an unexpected turn. Mary Grace Hadlos, a third-year architecture student, shares how she convinced her mother to let her take the course.

HoRP#22: Princess Eureka

Princess Eureka, a six-year-old girl, is now in first grade. Among a lot of friends she made in school, Jasmine stood out in the crowd as they share the same interest in drawing pictures.

HoRP#21: Jessica

Students along Manila area sometimes kill long breaks in Rizal Park. One of them is Jessica Cantonos, a third-year Asian Studies Major in Japanese student.

HoRP#20: John Eric

If you fancy a quick stroll or some people-watching, Rizal Park is the place to be. That is if you don’t see it as a home like John Eric “Ompong” does.

HoRP#19: Joel

Discover the story of Joel Dioquino, a 46-year-old construction worker from Fairview, as he shares his two-wheel life journey with us.

HoRP#18: Ars

Angelo Atutubo, 26, one of the well-known contact jugglers in the country, is a living proof of a perfect combination of skill and dedication.

HoRP#17: Nash

Doing what you love most and sharing it with others are what drives Kevin Nash Sandoval to be a self-defense instructor in Luneta.

HoRP#16: Alexa

Meet Alexa Angela Gregorio, a four-year-old nursery student who skipped school that day to visit Manila Ocean Park with her family.